Adib Aiman

Sustainability Consultant


Adib Aiman is a highly skilled and dedicated green building sustainability consultant with an impressive professional background in environmental science and technology. A proud alumnus of Universiti Putra Malaysia, Adib holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology. At NEAPOLI, he leverages his extensive knowledge and experience to advance sustainable building practices.

As a Sustainability Consultant, Adib is tasked with ensuring compliance and overseeing record-keeping for green building ratings. He develops strategic project plans to conserve water and energy, recommends eco-friendly materials, enhances indoor air quality, and fosters sustainable site development.

Currently, Adib is at the forefront of leading the sustainable design of major residential projects in Kuala Lumpur. He is also actively involved in ESG reporting for a European Embassy in Malaysia and oversees the implementation of sustainable development practices within a township in Malaysia.

Adib is passionate about sustainable design, biodiversity preservation, water resource conservation, and setting environmental targets. He also maintains positive relationships with local communities, ensuring the long-term sustainability of both new and existing constructions.

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science and TechnologyUniversity Putra Malaysia

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