Abdul Rahman Ismail

Senior Engineer


Abdul Rahman Ismail is a Senior Engineer, boasting over 10 years of professional experience in engineering and energy systems. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Maschinenbau, Germany, he has refined his expertise in sustainable building design, construction, and energy management. Rahman’s comprehensive experience includes distinguished positions at prominent organizations such as the National Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara), where he managed a variety of energy and sustainability projects and served as the bank’s representative for the Financial Education Hub (FEH). Now at NEAPOLI, Abdul is an integral part of high-profile projects like the expansion of Penang International Airport and the creation of eco-friendly facilities for CIMB Bank. His unwavering commitment to sustainability, combined with his robust technical acumen and problem-solving prowess, positions Abdul as a valuable contributor to the green building industry in his quest for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious built environment.

  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), MaschinenbauRheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Germany

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