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Wind Driven Rain

Wind Driven Rain

Hygrothermal performance

Wind-driven rain (WDR) is one of the most important moisture sources with potential negative effects on hygrothermal performance and durability of buildings. The impact of WDR on building facades can be understood in a better way by predicting the surface wetting distribution accurately. The quantity, trajectory, intensity and spatial distribution of driving rain is specific to each design scenario as factors are dependent on the correlation of climate parameters, the subject and surrounding building envelope, and wind turbulence conditions. Ignoring the influence of wind and rain in design can lead to discomfort for pedestrians or spectators who are walking, standing or sitting in areas with insufficient protection from the driving rain.

NEAPOLI offers a comprehensive portfolio of wind driven rain consultancy services to assist in design development from the planning and concept stages through to detailed design and construction.

Wind Driven Rain

Image: Wind Driven Rain Simulation - Penang Airport

NEAPOLI combines the use of theoretical rain models with computational flow assessments to investigate specific wind driven rain design scenarios.   With   the   extensive    experience  of NEAPOLI it is ensured that the most appropriate tools are employed in each and  every assessment.

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