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3D Environmental tools

NEAPOLI has developed a suite of 3D environmental analysis tools that allow for parametric optimisation studies of building performance. The optimisation models can identify and evaluate alternative designs and operating policies, comparing their predicted performance with the desired goals or objectives. Examples of parameters are:

  • Building envelope: orientation, envelope materials, openings, shading devices, etc.
  • Building Services: HVAC system design, efficiency, mechanical & natural ventilation, air-side economisers, operation schedules, zone thermostat settings, etc.
  • Lighting system parameters: lighting power
  • Power density, motion and daylight sensors, lighting design, etc.

A building’s performance can then assessed according to several performance criteria. Multi- objective optimisation is also possible, allowing NEAPOLI to simultaneously optimise different parameters against several performance criteria:

Parametric Optimisation

Image: Automatic morphogenesis minimising incoming solar radiation on the facade of a simple building.

  • Building energy efficiency
  • Daylighting performance
  • Indoor thermal comfort
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Life Cycle Costing

The integration of energy and daylight simulations with occupant thermal comfort analyses allows NEAPOLI to optimise both building design performance and operational performance.

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