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Daylight Analysis

NEAPOLI can undertake three types of daylighting calculations:

  • Daylight simulations assessing both static (Daylight Factor) and dynamic, climate-based indices (Spatial Daylight Autonomy, Useful Daylight Illuminance, Daylight Avail- ability, etc.). The results can be visualized and communicated easily in various ways, including contour plots, average distributions, and various 3d visualisations. Standard reports detailing eligibility for GBI and LEED EQ8.1, GBI EQ8 daylighting credits are also provided, as well as support for the current daylight performance assessment by LEED v4 and v4.1.
  • Annual daylight simulations are performed, using the Radiance simulation engine, allowing for the development of zone specific annual lighting schedules (Daysim engine).
Daylight Analysis

Image: : Daylight Simulation – Penang Airport

  • These schedules are then used in Energy- Plus simulations in order to understand the impact of daylight strategy in terms of lighting power densities, usage, and calculation of the consequent energy and carbon savings.
  • Photo-realistic rendered images generated using Radiance.

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