NEAPOLI contributes to "Think City Outcomes Report"

In September 2018, NEAPOLI was invited for a collaboration with Think City, a Malaysian city-making organization and thinktank.

As part of their urban rejuvenation project, Kuala Lumpur Green Transformation Program, NEAPOLI was invited to join a multi-disciplinary team consisting of building owners, architects, and urban planners to create green pockets in Kuala Lumpur city center.

A multitude of projects were available, from public zones to commercial spaces, and NEAPOLI worked with stakeholders to study and analyze opportunities for sustainable design to be incorporated in each project.

From the creation of a parklet, a green bus-stop, and a naturally-ventilated, self-sustaining rooftop restaurant, NEAPOLI created in-depth analyzes of site micro-climate and how environmental factors can affect comfort levels of the space users and visitors. An urban planning study was also conducted to analyze opportunities for a network of future parklets, to create a more walkable Kuala Lumpur.

Recently published is the Outcomes Report, produced by our partner Think City to conclude this initial program, which will be launched at the close of 2019. 

Image: Experiments in Greening the City | Think City


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