The Rise of the Urban Energy “Prosumer”

NEAPOLI’s CEO was invited to join the former Prime Minister of Korea and Chairman of the Climate Change Centre, Dr Han Duk-soo, the EU Ambassador HE Michael Reiterer and other energy sector experts to speak about “Prosumers” and new opportunities in the energy industry at a roundtable in Seoul. The event, titled “New Business Opportunity and Energy Prosumer” was organised by the Korean Center for Climate Change and the European Union. 

Prosumers are agents that both consume and produce energy. With the growth in small and medium-sized agents using solar photovoltaic panels, smart meters, vehicle-to-grid electric vehicles, home batteries and other ‘smart’ devices, the prosumer model offers the potential for consumers and vehicle owners to re-evaluate their energy practices. For major cities in developed & developing countries, the prosumer could be an essential ingredient in meeting the growing energy demand. 

As the number of prosumers increases, the electric utility sector of today is likely to undergo significant changes over the coming decades, offering possibilities for lowering the carbon footprint of the system, but also bringing many unknowns and risks that need to be identified and managed.

To develop strategies for the future, policymakers and planners need knowledge of how prosumers could be integrated effectively and efficiently into competitive electricity markets. 
The speakers identified and discussed promising potential energy markets related to prosumer grid integration, peer-to-peer models and prosumer community groups. They also cautioned against a series of caveats and complexities such as national monopolies in the energy sector. Dr Han Duk-soo said that “the arrival of energy prosumers has changed the pattern of electricity production and consumption.  

NEAPOLI’s Dr Plainiotis said that “energy prosumers is as an inevitable change due to the continued decline in renewable energy generation costs and energy storage technology. In this situation, Korea is delaying system transition and there is a concern that it is losing international competitiveness. Revitalising the energy market requires breaking institutional and legal barriers.”

The event was covered in a range of Korea media: 

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