The Carbon Index™ Awards the EU Delegation to Malaysia for Environmental Excellence

Kuala Lumpur, April, 2024.

In an inspiring display of environmental leadership, Dr. Stelios Plainiotis, presented the esteemed Gold Certification to His Excellency Michael Rokas, Ambassador of the EU to Malaysia. The Carbon Index™, has quickly become an international benchmark for sustainability in the built environment. Its voluntary framework is celebrated for pushing the envelope in energy efficiency and carbon emission reductions through its performance-driven approach.

The award underscores the importance of international cooperation and local action in the global fight against climate change. It also highlights the Carbon Index’s role in driving such cooperation, offering hope and direction for a sustainable future.

The event was not just a celebration but a call to action, echoing through the halls of Neapolis and beyond, inspiring others to take bold steps towards a greener tomorrow.

For more information on The Carbon Index™ and their work, visit the official website or follow their initiatives on social media.

“Today is a landmark moment not only for The Carbon Index™ but for all forward-thinking communities around the globe,” Dr. Plainiotis said, addressing the distinguished guests. “Recognising the EU Delegation’s efforts under the Ambassador’s stewardship is a testament to the power of collective action in tackling climate change.”

Under Ambassador Rokas’s guidance, the EU Delegation to Malaysia has achieved a stunning 42% reduction in energy use against national energy standards, a 38,248 kWh decrease in energy consumption, and a 29,833 kg reduction in CO2 emissions between January and December 2023. These figures are a beacon of possibility, lighting the way for other organisations to follow suit.



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