NEAPOLI to Lead Sustainability Consultancy for LEED Certification of Luxury Resort in Porto Heli, Greece

Athens, GreeceNEAPOLI, a renowned global sustainability consultancy firm, has been chosen to spearhead the advisory services for achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for Six Senses Porto Heli, an opulent resort nestled in the scenic surroundings of Porto Heli, Peloponnese, Greece. This initiative dovetails with Six Senses’ ambitious vision to position itself as one of the region’s premier eco-conscious luxury havens.

This venture accentuates Six Senses’ dedication to sustainability and environmental consciousness by emphasizing eco-friendly building solutions. Six Senses Porto Heli is setting its sights on securing a top-tier LEED certification, reinforcing its pledge to sustainable tourism—a paradigm that has been capturing global attention.

LEED stands proud as the gold standard in green building worldwide. Obtaining this certification entails an exhaustive process, confirming that a building or community has been ideated and constructed using methods targeting enhancement in pivotal areas: energy conservation, water efficiency, CO2 emissions cutback, enriched indoor environmental caliber, and judicious resource management, factoring in environmental repercussions.

Guiding this journey, NEAPOLI’s distinguished sustainability consultants will play a pivotal role, aiding with the conceptualization and inculcation of environmentally-aware practices across all stages—from the blueprint phase to the resort’s day-to-day operations. The overarching goal is to reduce environmental footprint while curating a matchless experience for guests—a blend of luxury and ecological mindfulness.

NEAPOLI’s unyielding devotion to green and sustainable design ideologies deems them an exemplary collaborator for this groundbreaking endeavor. Teaming up with Six Senses marks a monumental stride for the hospitality sector, establishing a precedent for luxury resorts globally to place sustainability at the forefront of their operational agenda.

Image: Aerial Panorama of Porto Heli, Peloponnese, Greece

Dr. Stellios Plainiotis, CEO of NEAPOLI, shared his excitement regarding the collaboration with Six Senses Porto Heli, expressing,

“We are elated to be an instrumental part of this groundbreaking venture with Six Senses. Our mission is to weave in cutting-edge sustainable methods that seamlessly meld with the resort’s luxurious offerings. The trust placed in us to lead Six Senses Porto Heli to its LEED certification is indeed a great honor.”

He further remarked,

“In these times marked by climate shifts and rising environmental awareness, there’s an imperative need for endeavors that bridge the gap between luxury and sustainability. This project is emblematic of NEAPOLI’s ethos: sculpting a balance where affluence coexists harmoniously with sustainable consciousness.”

Mobilization for the project is anticipated in the near future. The dedicated brigade at NEAPOLI is raring to embark on this lofty mission. Six Senses Porto Heli, with its unwavering dedication to intertwining environmental mindfulness and luxury, is poised to carve out a pioneering template for forthcoming projects in the locale.



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