Riverine Hotel

Desaru, Malaysia

The Riverwalk is a waterfront landscaped retail and lifestyle village located in the hub of Desaru Coast within easy reach of the hotels and theme parks. The Riverwalk offers myriad retail outlets, including chic restaurants, alfresco cafes and entertainment venues. It has drawn its design references from canal cities such as Venice, Co- penhagen and San Antonio.

Aiming for GBI and LEED Gold certification, the Riverwalk will employ the absolute highest standard in sustainable practices, at every level. The building is designed with the optimal health of employees, the wellness of the planet, and the robustness of the economy, all in perfect balance.

Here are just a few of the features that make this building a leader in sustainable design:

  1. Interior spaces that make for a better human experience, with superior sunlight, clear ventilation, and more efficient workspaces. All of this leads to better employee
  2. Public transportation access for clear alter- natives for commuting that are knit into the infrastructure of Iskandar Region and Singa-
  3. Intelligent energy systems for optimised per-
  4. Lowest emitting building materials for clear air, and optimal health for employees
  5. Rainwater Harvesting system that leads to considerable reductions of potable water use for Automatic Irrigation System
  6. Priority Parking and charging facilities for Electric Vehicles



Khazanah National group (TARH)



Pursued Certification



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