PETRONAS Office Complex wins Green Building Index Gold


PETRONAS has received the Green Building Index (GBI) Gold award for its state-of-the-art Office Complex in Terengganu. This marks Malaysia’s first building in the East Coast to attain this recognition.

PETRONAS is one of the few national energy solutions companies in the world to become a leading multinational. In 2019, it ranked 148th in Fortune’s Global 500 list of the world’s largest corporations. PETRONAS Statement of Purpose is to be “a progressive energy solution partner enriching lives for a sustainable future”. These core values are reflected in the emphasis the corporation places on encouraging sustainable building design that promotes healthier, environmentally friendly, energy-saving buildings.

By following an approach that prioritises sustainable construction and business principles, PETRONAS’ new office complex in Rantau PETRONAS is the first project in Malaysia’s East Coast to receive the GBI Gold Certificate. The Kompleks Pejabat PETRONAS is owned by Rantau Properties Sdn. Bhd. (RPSB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of KLCC (Holdings) Sdn. Bhd., and leased to PETRONAS the parent company. The 56,500 sqm complex is situated in Rantau PETRONAS, Kertih, Terengganu and it is designed to cater for 1,600 PETRONAS employees. It comprises of three buildings connected by sky bridges, i.e. two renovated buildings originally built in 1984 and one newly constructed.

The design of the new Office Complex and its systems aims at lowering energy consumption by at least 8 million kWh/year, 65.5% reduction against buildings constructed with conventional materials and systems. Energy conservation efforts involve several strategies and the building design earned all 35 of the possible Energy Efficiency points in the GBI rating system. Renewable energy and the use of efficient energy systems went a long way toward that energy conservation goal.

The portfolio of on-site renewable energy is comprised of multiple arrays of solar photovoltaic panels with total power 2,000 kilowatts mounted on carefully selected roof locations. These installations are expected to supply about 48% of the Complex’s annual energy demand. Rainwater harvested on the roofs will be treated and stored at 2 ponds with a combined volume of 460 m³ and used for irrigation, reducing water use by 28%. Landscaping irrigation will be reduced with automatic sprinklers and plant selection that focuses on drought-tolerant native species. To stretch water further, all restrooms are outfitted with motion-sensor-enabled faucets with aerators, as well as low-flush, water-saving toilets reducing water use by 52%.

The following sustainable efforts contributed to the decision to certify Kompleks Pejabat PETRONAS with GBI Gold:

  • 8 million kWh of electricity saved annually: By utilising energy-saving initiatives e.g. Photovoltaic systems, LED lights, programmable lighting and air conditioning system, enabling the complex to be 65.5 per cent more energy-efficient than similar buildings in Malaysia;
  • Avoidance of 5,600 tons of CO2 emissions per year which is equivalent to avoiding emissions from 950 homes or removing 1,200 cars from the Malaysian roads;
  • Adopting a rigorous waste management strategy will result in recycling over 87 per cent of all construction & demolition waste and 50% of all operational waste;
  • Installing rainwater harvesting, automatic irrigation and water-efficient indoor plumbing fixtures to achieve a reduction of 32,000 m³/year compared to similar buildings in Malaysia;
  • Preserving historic structures helps maintain a sense of identity and boost civic pride; not to mention reduces demand for raw materials and eliminates the environmental harm from manufacturing and shipping of finished products.
  • Educating and engaging the convention centre’s staff about sustainable practices such as measuring and recycling waste through activities and events;
  • Communicating environmental performance with an interactive screen, displaying a building’s real-time resource use;
  • Cycling infrastructure including dedicated bike lanes and storage, Electric Vehicle priority parking and charging docks;

Stellios Plainiotis, CEO of NEAPOLI said:

“The GBI Green building rating system is a regional symbol of sustainability recognition. It’s a recognised standard that sustainable operators aspire to achieve. With this recognition, NEAPOLI’s new PETRONAS Office Complex is now placed alongside some of the most sustainable and innovative buildings in South East Asia. Being the first project in Malaysia’s East Coast to be GBI Gold certified strengthens PETRONAS’ commitment to lead the industry and inspire others to join us towards a more sustainable future.”



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