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An energy model (otherwise known as dynamic building simulation) is the perfect route to predicting building performance. The sucess of a design is entirely at risk unless key design decisions are assessed in advance. NEAPOLI combines parametric optimisation with state of the art dynamic energy modelling. 

Our Energy modelling capacity enables us to:

  • Provide a breakdown of energy use by fuel type and application
  • Analyse and identify energy savings strategies
  • Produce Energy Modelling Reports for certification with LEED, GBI etc
  • Optimise the building envelope, including insulation, solar shading, thermal mass and natural ventilation
  • Minimise overheating and improve occupant occupant well-being
  • Estimate Carbon Emission and Savings
  • Capture sunlight for health & wellness and daylight dimming strategies
  • Size the HVAC systems
  • Analyse and Prevent Condensation
  • Evaluate Renewable energy potential to offset building energy demands
  • Build a Digital Twin of your Building to track and manage facility data throughout the entire lifecycle.

We provide expert insights into how a process is currently using energy and how that use pattern might change if changes are made to the operation or design of that process. That enables decision-makers and policy-makers to take account of a broader range of evidence, for better understanding of the costs and benefits of different technologies, system designs and pathways towards a smarter low carbon future.

Discover our wide range of energy capabilities and assets that are helping our clients to reach its clean growth ambitions.

EnergyPLUS Energy Model for LEED and GBI

Image: Energy Model for GBI & LEED Platinum Compliance of the PKNS Headquarters

NEAPOLI combines parametric modelling with state of the art dynamic energy simulation. Its innovative productivity features allow even complex buildings to be modelled rapidly. NEAPOLI can streamline the design and evaluation process by providing performance data and advice when it is most needed, early on while the design is still fluid.

All energy simulations at NEAPOLI are based on the EnergyPlus™ building simulation engine, developed by the US Department of Energy (DOE). EnergyPlus™ is the most advanced building energy simulation tool available to the building industry and has been extensively used and validated by research community. It can accurately simulate both energy consumption—for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and plug and process loads—and water use in buildings.

Our Energy Modelling team uses the following EnergyPlus™ interfaces:

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