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Energy Audits

Energy Audits

ASHRAE standards

Energy audits identify and quantify areas of energy wastage within the building. The objectives are to define an energy consumption baseline, to evaluate the use of energy, to benchmark other similar structures and establish opportunities to reduce costs. Usually, three different phases are required for an Energy Audit:

  • Investigation
  • Monitoring
  • Analysis & Reporting

NEAPOLI follows the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standards to perform it analyse. Three types of audits have been defined:

ASHRAE Level 1 – Walk-Through Analysis/Preliminary Audit: Also called “simple audit”, the Level 1 is the most basic. Minimal interviews with site operating personnel are required in addition to a brief review of facility utility bills and other operating data all geared toward the identification of glaring areas of energy waste or inefficiency. As a result, the data is used to create the preliminary energy use analysis and a report presenting all different measures and possible capital improvements. Level 1 audits are used to uncover major problem areas. Measures, estimations of implementation costs, potential operating cost savings are briefly exposed. Further details are needed to reach a final decision on implementing proposed measures. However, it helps to prioritise energy efficiency projects and assesses the need for a more detail audit.

ASHRAE Level 2 – Energy Survey and Analysis: In addition to the preliminary ASHRAE Level 1 analysis, a Level 2 audit includes more detailed energy calculations and financial analysis of the proposed energy efficiency measures. 

Energy Audits

With the financial analysis or Life Cycle Cost Analysis, the facility owner will get a clear understanding of the financial benefits of implementing specific energy efficiency measures. In order to evaluate the facility’s energy/demand rate structure and energy sage profiles, utility bills. In order to evaluate the facility’s energy/demand rate structure and energy sage profiles, utility bills are gathered for a 24 to 36 moth period. A Level 2 audit enable to identify all energy conservation measures appropriate for the facility given its operating parameters. Specific and detailed reports will be performed (financial analysis for each measure, site-specific operating cost saving and a customer’s investment criteria). Project implementation can be justified with such a level of details.

ASHRAE Level 3 – Energy Survey and Analysis: The ASHRAE Level 3 audit focuses on the potential capital-intensive projects identified in the Level 2 analysis. The engineering analysis conducted is rigorous and more detailed field data are gathered.  Detailed project cost and savings calculations can be obtained thanks to a high level of confidence as required for major capital investment decisions. Also called “comprehensive audit”, “detailed audit”, or “technical analysis audit”, it expands on the Level 2 audit by providing a dynamic model of energy use characteristics. The building model is calibrated using actual utility data to provide a realistic baseline against which to compute operating savings for proposed measures. Extensive attention is given to understanding not only the operating characteristics of all energy consuming systems, but also the situations that cause load profile variations on both an annual and a daily basis. Existing utility data is supplemented with sub-metering of major energy consuming systems and monitoring of system operating characteristics.

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