Dr. Stellios Plainiotis speaker at Korea's BIXPO 2018

Thursday, 1st November, 2018, Gwangju, South Korea. BIXPO International Invention Fair is an invention competition largely focused on Electric Power, Energy, ICT, Environment-Friendly and Domestic Science related to Power, organised by the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). 

NEAPOLI was invited to present their latest research in the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Construction Industry. AI can change the way we think about buildings, neighbourhoods and cities: uncovering information that was previously too laborious to quantify, and producing design methods that challenge what’s humanly possible. NEAPOLI has employed AI techniques and specifically Machine/Deep Learning, to overcome a technical limitation of building energy performance simulations: the computation time. 

In this presentation, Dr Stellios Plainiotis, Director of NEAPOLI’s branch in Korea, presented three case studies of AI boosting the performance of building design by providing large scale data analysis and inference capability.



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