NEAPOLI part of the GreenRE Technical Panel 2019

GreenRE committees hold primary responsibility for the development, implementation of, and revisions to GreenRE rating systems. The GreenRE Technical Panel (GTP) is an integrated group of volunteers and staff charged with developing and maintaining GreenRE as an important green building certification tool, preserving the integrity of the GreenRE rating systems, and ensuring the use of the consensus process to evolve GreenRE in accordance with the mission, guiding principles, and strategic plan of GreenRE Sdn Bhd.
NEAPOLI is a member of the GreenRE Technical Panel and attended the regular meeting on the 26th of April 2019. The objectives of this meeting were:

  1.  To obtain feedback on GreenRE standards and advocate improvements for the next tool revision,
  2. To improve the site verification assessment process,
  3. To clarify the roles and responsibilities of the technical panel.

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